Valentine's Day Smokey Eye

47개월 전

It's going to be Valentine's Day pretty soon, which means rolling out the heart-shaped chocolate boxes and romantic movies! But, Valentine's Day also brings some lovely colours like purples, pinks and white. So, I decided to put these all together in a Valentine's Day smokey eye. Hope you like it!

1. Apply wine colour to the outside of your eyelid. I used Wine Red from Dot.

2. Blend this with a dusky rose colour in the middle of the eyes. I used the pink trio from Natura Faces.

3. To finish the eyeshadow look off, I applied a white eyeshadow in the inner corners.

4. To finish off the eyes, I winged my plum liquid liner and applied mascara.

5. To finish off the look, I applied Indian Red Blush from Dot to contour and finished off with my favourite pink lipstick, Exotic Peach from Transform!

I do hope you like this look and that you might use it later on. If you liked this tutorial, please comment below if you think I should do more makeup tutorials.

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