What to do when you're bored!

46개월 전

I get bored a lot, but I could be doing more productive things. But, I still continue being bored. But you don't have to because I found five productive things to do when you're bored!

« Do some baking! It passes the time really well, it's fun and you usually end up making something delicious to eat :D
» Do some organizing! One time when I was bored I organized all the apps on my phone by colour coding them. It passed the time and was productive!
« Get some exercise! Whether this involves working out or going for a run, exercise is always a healthy thing to do.
» Do some homework or chores! I know it's not the most fun thing to do, but you'll get it all over and done with, so you can do fun things afterwards!
« Read a book! Reading is very satisfying for me because there is so much in a good book and there are so many books!

I do hope these tips help you for when you'll be bored. If you do other things when you're bored, write it in the comments! :)
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