Bleached Hair and Dark Eyebrows

51개월 전

Hello dolls!  Beatrix here.

So lately I've been putting bleached blonde wigs on my doll, and I must say - it's a style I'd like to continue. 

Taking a break from the colorful splash my hair once was, this blonde look is a refreshing change. 


However, I've decided to keep my brows very dark. Is it acceptable looking? I don't know. Do I think it looks good? Yes. 
If you've got an answer for the first question, go ahead and leave it in the comments below!

I think that the dark brows leave the hair looking like it was dyed, which is a style I really like.

The style of this dark brows-light hair thing could definitely make you look a little (only a little in my case) punk or grunge if you style it like that.


It can also make you look really chic if you choose to style your hair and outfit like that! This look is so versatile and only depends on the clothes you choose to wear with it. 


(model: Blackbibbel__)

For a while, I had my dark brows and bleached hair in a cropped style and I loved it. It had a very minimalistic aesthetic about it. 


Reminds you of the whole dressed in all black, white hair, and drinks coffee all the time kind of girl, doesn't it? (I'm actually really guilty of that stereotype, oops...)

So what do you think of dark brows paired with light hair? Is it a daring statement or a total fashion flop?



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