A Starcoin Summer: Basics Style

60개월 전


Hey dolls!

Summer is approaching, and it's time to get ready!

For all you budget shoppers and thrifty queens, here is a guide on how to rock Basics clothes.

Do Basics really have to be so basic?

 No way! There are plenty of ways to dress up your Basics clothing

-Dress your Basics pieces up with clothing from other shops to even out the look.

-Contrast the Basics colors to make them pop! 

-Take inspiration from other stores and incorporate it in your Basics wardrobe. 

Ways to Rock Basics Clothes

You can get so many styles from Basics clothing. 





...and more!

Helpful Hints

-Basics are a great base to almost any outfit.

-Keep the other parts of your outfit patterned and attention-drawing.

-Jewelry and/or accessories are a must! They keep it fresh and fun.

I'd love to see your Basics style, so post a pic on your blog and show me!

Stay true and see you later!

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