Get The Look: Pretty n' Love

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Hey all! Beatrix here. 

Today I will be showing you how to get the Pretty n' Love look! 


The Pretty n' Love doll is girly, just like the Pretty n' Love store in Starplaza! The doll's wardrobe focuses mainly on pink, from hot to pale, with splashes of pastel yellows and greens, and just a hint of turquoise. 


For your outfit, stick to pastels, and definitely incorporate pink.  Patterns like polka-dots and floral are very nice.


Shoes for this look have a very broad range. Sandals, flats, tennis shoes and heels could all work!  Make sure your shoes match your outfit and that they don't draw too much attention.


Your accessories should be kept to a minimum. Unlinke other looks, the Pretty n' Love style requires little accessories. 

Long locks for hair and natural makeup completes it!

Pretty n' Love Feautured Doll

Mokelsa1 can be seen in the cover image sporting her fabulous summer inspired Pretty n' Love attire. Go check out her suite for more info!

Display your Pretty n' Love style by making an outfit post in your blog! I would love to see everyone's amazing outfits just in time for summer!

Take care and stay sunny!

-Beatrix (BeatrixJane)

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