Your Guide on Starpoints.

66 ヶ月前

Heya everyone,

So today I want to talk about starpoints. For our new members here to stardoll, Starpoints are points you can earn by doing all different things on stardoll. When you reach certain amounts of starpoints you are given gifts. You can get different hairstyles and new items to purchase for your suite.

Here are some easy ways to get starpoints everyday:
1. Create new outfits and save them you your album.
2. Change up your suite a little bit, or create a new room.
3. Play different games and do dress-ups.
4. Create new sceneries and add to your albums.
5. Participate in different clubs and stardoll Competitions.
6. Post in Guestbooks and Send messages to your friends.
7. Be active and earn starcoins.

I hope this helped you. Also I want to show you two dolls.

Firsty, friend94 who is currently leading the way with the most amount of starpoints. She has over 19100 starpoints. (Today she has: 19176, 18/4/2012)

Secondy, babuci1992 who is closely following behind friend94 by having the second highest amount of starpoints. (Today she has: 19159, 18/4/2012)

[ friend94 ]                             [ babuci1992 ]

Thats all for now,

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