Lindsay Lohan Will Guest Star On Glee!

86 ヶ月前

It seems that Lilo really is making a comeback! It was just confirmed that Lindsay will guest star on the final episode of Season 3 of Glee! She's not playing any special character- no crazy student or weird teacher, instead she will play herself! That can't be too hard right? Lilo will serve as a guest judge for Nationals! Will she vote in favor of the New Directions? We can't wait to find out! This will be Lindsay second biggest TV appearance this year after guest hosting SNL, before that she hasn't appeared on TV since 2008. Guesting on Glee seems like a good choice for Lilo, it will bring her a younger fan base and help her to (slowly) start again. Not many people get this many chances, Lindsay! Don't screw it up! (tvline)