Netherlands pick it up!

1 ヶ月前



May is the month of Eurovision Song Contest for the many Europeans. Eurovision was created in 1956 and was held in Lugano, a city in southern Switzerland, which is the first winning country! The competition was created to reconcile the countries of Europe through music after the Second World War. There have been 65 winners in the 62 years of competition because In 1969, four countries (Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands and France) were voted the first place! In the hall of fame, the first place has Johny Logan having win twice with Ireland (1980, 1987). The winner comes from the top 10 votes of the judges and the public of each country. Some of the most famous winners are ABBA, Celine Dion, Alexander Rybak and Loreen. 


On March 10, the deadline for song submissions expired and 41 countries will participate in Eurovision (including Australia)! There are many different songs and in many different languages. According to the bets the first place seems to be claimed by the Netherlands and the singer Duncan Laurence with the amazing song "Arcade." High places are often claimed by Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and Greece, but everything can change with the rehearsals of the singers on this year's Eurovision stage in Tel Aviv. 


Listen to the songs and tell me your favorites!


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