1 ヶ月前

Hello Stardoll lovers!

As you know, there are many talented dollies who make designs such as hair, face masks, lips and tattoos on Stardoll. And many of you use these designs but I also noticed that some users don't even know their nickname but who make amazing designs. Maybe you'd want to use their designs if you see their designs. So, I'm going to share designers who aren't known but create amazing designs regularly.

This is the user you'll meet in this post: HONNEYSSS
Here are some tattoo designs of Honneysss that I want to show you:

(Vincent van Gogh - Starry Night)

(Michelangelo - Creation of Adam)

In our interview, he said that he was careful to give place to art in his designs, and doesn't make any special designs at the moment. He said that everyone should be interested in art.

I thank him very much for his nice interview.

Enjoy the game!