Boring Grown-Up Stuff: Moving On

5 ヶ月前

Hey Dolls! 

I'm back with another Boring Grown-Up Stuff post! (Who knows, maybe my advice is suddenly infinitely better because I'm actually a grown-up now...probably not!)

When you were little, there probably weren't a lot of big 'goodbyes' in your life. Maybe you moved away from friends, or a loved one passed away, but for the most part, we tend to be surrounded by the same people and places when we're young.

Growing up inevitably involves moving on, though. You and your friends might move away from home permanently. Part of the joy of growing up is the independence, the ability to go anywhere and do anything, but that's also one of the hardest parts. How do you say goodbye to your childhood?

You have to realize that moving on is something that has to happen. Sure, childhood is an amazing time of life, but to truly grow as a person, you have to step out of that stage. You need to push your limits and explore new possibilities to become the best "you" you can.

Plus, goodbye isn't forever. You don't have to completely cut yourself off from your past. Take some knick-knacks from your hometown with you on your travels. Call your family and friends on a quiet evening alone. Preserve special memories with photo albums, or by writing about them so you can always look back on them.

And most of all, don't forget to live in the present! You're in an exciting time, with new memories just waiting to be made!

Til next time!

Kat ♥