Smokey Eye - Tutorial

45 ヶ月前

Hi dolls. 

The smokey eye look is something that is commonly used both on Stardoll and in real life. On Stardoll it took me ages to get the hang of it and I'm still learning. 

I know a lot of other dolls have the same problem with creating this look, so I thought I would do a step by step tutorial for anyone who is struggling to create a smokey eye for their doll. 

Step 1: 

Black Eye Kohl - Dot - Apply this first as it will serve as a guide for where you will place your eyeshadow

Step 2:

Midnight Gray Shadow - Dot - Apply this only where you have applied the kohl

Step 3:

Pearl White Eyeshadow - Dot - Apply this only half way across your doll's eyelid starting from the inner corner

Golden Shadow - Dot - (Optional - You can use any other colour with a shimmer) Apply this only on the outer lid of your doll to blend with the Midnight Gray Shadow

Step 4: Finishing Touches 

Black Madness Mascara - Dot
Royal White Eyeliner - Dot - Apply to make your doll's eyes appear larger
Black Madness Eyeliner - Dot - Apply to create cat eye effect only
Cat Eyes Eyelashes - Splendid (Optional)

Well dolls, this is my tutorial. As always if you don't have these colours there are plenty of replacements in the Starplaza in both Dot and Luxe. 

Hope you enjoy this post and any tips you have for me would be great.

~ Casey, x