More Callie-Inspired Makeup

58 ヶ月前

Hello all! Beatrix here.

Since the new facial features release a while ago, I thought I would do another makeup tutorial on Callie, since the last one was awhile ago. 

This is a makeup look that revolves mostly around the eyes. I prefer bold eyes over bold lips, but that's just me!


For your eyes, choose a purple color and apply it to the lid, making it darker as you get closer to the middle for a gradient effect.

Next, take a royal purple eyeliner, and apply it on the top lid and half of the bottom, winging it out.

Top it off with a royal purple length mascara, matching the eyeliner!


For your cheeks, do a soft, almost unnoticable pink blush just for a healthy glow.


For your lips take a color that is relatively close to your skin color, but make sure it is a little darker, and apply a non sparkly, matte shade. 


For the hair in this look, I colored it a dark brown with red undertones and tied it up in the bun Callie is seen wearing frequently.

I am very impressed with the way this makeover turned out, and I hope you like it, too! Keep in mind I'm not a pro at makeup yet, but I love expressing myself through it, so remember to choose your words wisely when you comment. 

Have a happy summer!