What to do if You're Being Bullied

59 ヶ月前

This post I'm going to be talking about something very serious - bullying. Bullying happens to most kids throughout their school years unfortunately, and some handle it better than others. I'm going to give you some tips on what to do if you find yourself the ictim of verbal bullying, so that you will be one of the people who handle bullying well.

1. Tell a family member, teacher or a friend

Telling people that you're being bullied might be difficult for you, but it is definitely the best thing to do.  Family members, teachers and friends can help to solve the situation and bringing in authority such as teachers in is a good way to ensure that the person who's bullying you won't do it again.

2. Don't listen to what your bully is saying about you

If you're being verbally bullied, one of the most important things to remember is that whatever insults are thrown at you are not true. Your bully's opinion about you doesn't define who you are. They're probably just trying to make you upset, so you really shouldn't listen to them. 

3. Don't react to what they're saying about you

If you react to what your bully is saying about you, it's only going to satisfy the bully and they'll continue to bully you. 

I hope that this advice is helpful!

Thanks for reading!