Double Denim

Prije 9 mjeseca

Styling denim outfits and getting it right can be hard, especially when pairing denim on denim. I personally love the double denim trend, despite the 'no denim on denim' rules. Here are some tips to look dashing in double denim!

- Go Dark. A simple style of double denim is to pair a black jean jacket with a pair of black denim jeans. This gives you a lot of choice to be creative with colorful shoes and accessories.

- Different Shades. It always looks good pairing two denim items that are different shades, so the outfit is contrasting and doesn't blend together. A blue denim jacket goes really well with a pair of black jeans. 

- Add a non-denim piece. You can use a shirt or another item to break up the double denim if you feel that your double denim is clashing. I paired my denim coat and dark blue BF jeans with a black shirt to break up the outfit.

However you decide to style your denim, your style is how you want it to be. I'm glad the denim on denim reputation has changed as I always loved the double denim look.