Seeing 3D

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For those of you who may be thinking this blog is inspired by the masterpiece that is the 'Spy Kids' franchise, it, unfortunately, isn't. Alas, this blog is seeking inspiration from further back into my (and maybe your) childhood. Yes, good old Dr. Suess and his One Fish / Two Fish / Red Fish / Blue Fish resonates deeply with this blog. But don't let it fool you, this blog is about makeup.

Now, now, now, I also want you to understand that drawing fish with Stardoll's makeup is beyond my level of expertise. With that disclaimer, I want to show you a few of my favorite ways to use eyeshadow. The first is a simple fade from light to dark with a beautiful purple intermediate.

The next is very, very similar to the last. Except instead of using the intermediate as the  fading color, creating it from the red. This is a 'get more bang for you buck' kind of look!

I have to warn you, the last look is for those who know that life is their runway. With this look, crazier is better. If you pick colors that are too similar then it could look like you just blended incorrectly which is not good.

If eyes are a window to the soul, how do you like your curtains?

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