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Learning a Language – 3 Tips You Need

Prije 8 mjeseca

Ever wanted to learn a language but felt that you never have the time, confidence or perhaps ‘effort’ to do so? You’re not alone. Learning a new language is both an exciting and rewarding experience, but possibly one of the most difficult things we could ask our brains to do. So, here are my top tips for impressing our foreign friends. Ooh La la!

1.Change your phone’s language setting-Yes,I admit, it took me awhile to figure out where my calendar was on my phone was but this is an awesome way to totally immerse yourself in a foreign language, 21st century style ;)

2.Watch foreign Youtubers-This is an awesome way to get a real insight into how the language is commonly spoken plus you never know, you might get some pretty good fashion advice while you’re at it. Très chic.

3.Music- en Français?-Believe it or not, there is music to be found outside your country--loud and clear might I add! Have a look at the top 50 charts of different countries and scroll through some songs by native singers.