FC Modelling Cycle 21 Winner! P2

Prije 11 mjeseca


3. Did you have any idea that you might have the potential to be an elite model in FC when you signed up?
I'm someone that has a lot of perseverance, grit, and I work hard to get what I want, in this case, winning. But being an elite model in Fashioncomp was something that I thought would never really happen.

4. What is the main thing you have gotten out of this experience?
The main thing that I have gotten out of this experience is that I learned new things that could benefit me in the future, such as fashion sense, beauty sense, and much more. But all that aside, I learned that sportsmanship and being grateful is the key thing.

5. How do you feel about winning? Were you shocked?
Yes! I was incredibly shocked! My other finalist was also, very skilled, and I always thought that she would win instead of me! I feel incredibly grateful that I won!

Let's all gve it up for our amazing model...... RACHEL! I hope you all go and show her some love and check out FashionComp for the next round of signups which I hope are coming soon!

Au revoir mes amis,
Bisous! xoxo