Developing Work Ethic

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A good work ethic is an important skill to have to do well in school and in life. Luckily, it is a skill that you can work on and develop! Practice makes perfect...

Work Ethic
Work ethic refers to your ability to work hard at something and be responsible - leading you to produce results on time. That might mean avoiding procrastination to get an essay in by the due date, or it might mean avoiding distractions at your workplace, staying on task, and getting the job done! This skill can really help you at school, and it is also something that employers will look out for in the future. No matter how old you are, you can start developing a good work ethic and make your future a bit easier!

My Experience
I recently started an internship where I was given the responsibility to write a report for the organisation I was working in. A lot of the work on this project was able to be done from home, which meant I had to work really hard to stick to my task and not get distracted by social media or friends texting me. While this was pretty hard at first, I kept practicing and it got a lot easier to focus on what I was doing.

Your Work Ethic
Here are a few tips to start developing your own work ethic:
- Remove distractions while you work. Close your internet browser, and put your phone on airplane mode!
- Make sure you are set up before you start. Have everything you might need close by!
- Work on getting interested in your work. The real key to a good work ethic is losing yourself in your work - the time just flies by!

How do you work on your work ethic?

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