Camera Tricks

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Every model's best tool is their camera! So I thought I'd share my camera knowledge with you. Yes, I did just call you a model!

1. "The simple background". This can be achieved by placing plain coloured squares for example from StarDesign Interior, but if you are low (more like empty) on cash I have the perfect solution. Find an empty room, shrink your doll so that it fits on the wall (make sure it's in the middle of the wall) then pick the wall colour, zoom in your camera and take the picture! Simple backgrounds are really great for contrasting clothes and applying filters!

2. '"The room shot". For the interior decorators out there you may want to include your masterpiece of a room in your shot! This is a great idea but for a seriously impacting picture I have some tricks of the trade.

- The rule of thirds. By splitting your canvas into thirds and placing your dominant image in or near them in opposed to the centre, it can make an image more appealing to the eye.

- Clutter. In more intricate photos clutter can add to the appeal, but it can easily distract away from the dominant image and look messy.

3. "Proportion proposal". If you are going for an abstract picture then having objects out of proportion can be extremely effective, but for a realistic look it's best to keep everything proportional.

What tricks for your camera do you have up your sleeve?

- Snapshot Snerfy

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