Taking Risks

Prije 27 mjeseca

Taking risks = tricky.

There will be either a good outcome, or a bad outcome.

Don't let anyone pressure you into taking risks. It is your choice, and you're doing this because you want to. Most people are too afraid of taking risks because of the bad outcomes. But usually, the good outcomes are heavier than the bad.

But you need to be realistic. Taking risks can be dangerous, and if you know that it's likely to go wrong, perhaps you should think about what you are doing - and if it's actually worth it or not.

A risk can be something small like wearing a certain outfit with a certain accessory to something huge, something that could possibly put your life in danger. Steer away from taking huge risks.

Don't be afraid of taking small risks. It's all about taking a step out of your comfort zone. There is always a possibility of failing, but don't let that get in your way. 

Your decision can affect others, too. Be careful about what you do, and if you can, talk to somebody.

What is your opinion on taking risks?