Mischief Makers

Prije 41 mjeseca

The Frankenstein monster was not bad. He was misunderstood. His desire to explore and to play were childlike. The villagers were the bullies who made things go awry.

We all have childlike desires. Halloween is magic because it is the one day we are encouraged to tap into our sense of mischief. It is the trick in "trick or treat." Surprise and fright are delicious as long as no one comes to harm.

One Halloween I went to Knott's Scary Farm with a friend. The "monsters" were actors who had the challenge of surprising us and causing us to jump and scream. I had a wonderful time being scared in a variety of inventive ways. Werewolves came stealthily out the fog to walk alongside us. One took my hand and when I realized who it was, I gasped and leapt away. Then we all laughed, even the werewolves.

This bit of mischief was delightful, and the relief of being safe after a fright is a lovely feeling.

Have a safe Halloween and watch for mischief-making monsters!

Enjoy a good scare on Halloween!