My Stardoll Journey

Prije 41 mjeseca

Hi all, Alice here! 

In December, I will have been a member on Stardoll for 7 years! It has been pretty emotional.

I have run for NCG about 3 times and won when I wasn't even running. I have been royalty for 3 years. I became a Starblogger in March. I am so happy I joined!

When I joined Stardoll, I was 7 years old - now I'm 14! I am more mature and Stardoll has helped me grow as a person.

Stardoll has made me much more confident with who I am and edged me towards acting which I wouldn't have done before as I was an extremely shy child. Fashion has helped me express myself and I suppose helped me to not care about what people think of me.

Plus, being a Starblogger has widened my vocabulary and writing skills. Stardoll has honestly been with me for half of my life; it surprises me how Stardoll continues to keep me intrigued after 7 years! I still am obsessed with it today... 

- Alice