Spring Clean and De-stress!

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While it may not be the start of springtime in your country, a nice spring clean might be just the thing you need for a little pick-me-up! I find that having a messy room can make me feel down or stressed, but I don't notice until I clean up. What's more, many people are mildly allergic to dustmites, so a dusty room can make you feel tired and lethargic. Here are my simple tips for cleaning your room, and your mood!

Clean, clean, clean!
Make sure your environment is clean and healthy so you can relax properly in it! I did this by tidying things off my floor, giving my room a good vaccum, and changing the sheets on my bed. You might also like to do some dusting, clean your windows, and organise any closets or cupboards you might have. This is such great motivation to get your entire life organized!

Once you've cleaned your room, reward yourself with some self-care and relaxation! I had a nice shower, washed my hair, moisturised, then relaxed with a delicious coconut and lime scented candle-heaven! You could relax in any way you like, but I recommend including a bath or shower, because getting yourself clean feels so great after cleaning other things. If you have bath bombs or scented soap, this might be the perfect time to use them!

How do you relax and reward yourself?