Chat Etiquette

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Hi dolls. 

I haven't been on Stardoll quite as much as I would have liked to recently and one of the things I've missed are going to different member's parties and meeting new dolls. 

However, over the past couple of days some of the ones I've been in have shocked me completely and made me not want to go to them as much as I used to. 

In this post, I'll be giving tips on how to behave appropriately in another doll's party. 

Placement. This might sound like nothing, but where you place your doll can have a big impact on what conversations can arise in a chat. Yes everyone wants to be seen, but if another doll is at the front do not cover her up. It's rude and will leave the other doll feeling annoyed, myself included.

Abbreviations. It seems quite a lot of members are quite inventive now, compared to when I used to go to parties. The amount of bad language used, but shortened so they won't get caught is appalling. If this is your party, and this happens you should kindly ask them to stop, report them or remove them from your party. There are younger members of Stardoll and they do not need to see this.

Well dolls, these are my main two points that you should be avoiding in a chat. Remember to stay safe, have fun and follow the One-Stop Rules set out by Stardoll. These can be found in the 'Help' Section.

Hope these help you. 

~ Casey, x