Dressing for a Date

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Dressing for a date can be awfully nerve-wracking, especcially if it's the first one! There are lots of options to go with, I'm going to discuss three today!

1. Casual but Chic
This look is all about balancing cute and casual. For this look, you don't want to look like you've just worked out at the gym for 3 hours but whilst still giving off that comfortable, laid-back vibe. Denim is a great choice for this look, along a pair of heels and a high-cardigan that will really pull it all together!


2. Semi Smart
The safest of the 3 options. The best way to describe this look is something you could wear to a tea party if you are a millionaire. I like to pair a blouse with some classic troussers for this look. Again, heels are a plus!


3. Dressed to impress
The smartest of the 3 looks. Although you're going for a very classy look, try to remember that it's a date, not a movie premire. Massively formal dresses are a thing to avoid.
You can still, however, look amazingly classy in a smart knee length dress and heels. This look will look absolutely fabulous when well accesorised too, I would go for clutch bags and diamond earrings! 


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