Simple Piercing Hacks

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Hey guys! Beatrix here.

Today I wanted to show you some piercing hacks/tricks that you may or may not already know. 

Nose Ring: Septum to Side Hoop 

 Purchase a  diamond septum ring from Ink'd and then slightly turn it on it's side and shrink it to the appropriate size to fit your nostril.

Voila! You now have a nose hoop!

Eyebrow Piercings: Septum Horseshoe to Gold Eyebrow Ring 

Purchase a gold horseshoe piercing from Ink'd and then shrink it to the appropriate size to fit your eyebrow. Drag it to the preferred eyebrow!


And like magic, you now have a gold eyebrow ring!

Ear Cartilage: Dimple Piercings to Custom Earring Designs 

Purchase as many dimple piercings from Sunny Bunny as desired. Shrink or enlarge them to your preference. 

Drag them to your ear and create as many ear piercings as desired!

Okay dolls, I hope you learned something from this article, and if you didn't, share another piercing hack in the comment section below. 


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