Explore Yourself Through a Hobby

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Hey dolls! Beatrix here.

I love writing, it's my passion and my hobby. A lot of you have hobbies, too! Whether it's painting, soccer, knitting, or dancing! You could be a cloud watcher, an actor/actress, a surfer, a singer, a designer, anything. 

Your hobby should interest you and make you feel good about yourself. You can learn about yourself through your hobby.

You shouldn't care what other people think of your passion, because as long as it isn't hurting anyone/anything, it is helping you shine!

Stardoll has a variety of clubs covering each and every interest you could imagine! One of my suggestions is joining one to make friends with someone who has a hobby like yours. Just a quick search in the "search for clubs" bar can make a whole lot of a difference!

It's important you know yourself, and I am not going to lie, that is a hard thing to do. 

"Through others we become ourselves." -Lev Vygotsky. This famous quote can help. Once you meet others with the same interests as you, you can start becoming yourself. You can learn from them, teach them, they can help you and you can help them.

Remember to never be ashamed of what you love as long as it is harming nothing. 


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