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    Oh if only the Brazilian queen of tropical fruit could see her influence now! More than six decades have passed since Carmen Miranda donned her festively flamboyant fruit hat that would later become the infamous Chiquita Banana logo, and now the fruit-happy style is back. For spring ’11, Miranda’s exotic flare and charisma re-emerged, brightening the most elite runways. Designers enticed our palate with all things edible through quirky, playful prints: banana’s adorn flouncy skirts and Hawaiian shirts at Prada while Stella McCartney sliced her lemon dresses with two zesty thigh-high slits. To prevent the look from being too costumey, the citrus shades are balanced by clean lines and tempered by stark white backgrounds. We can’t wait to see who wears this tasty trend! Would you?
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    Rag & Bone’s latest ad campaign “Girls by Girls” has the model not just posing for the photo, but being the photographer as well. They are formatted to look like the flyers you see at college campuses and on community bulletin boards, with the rip-able info for Rag & Bone at the bottom. The idea of course, is to up the cool and authentic street factor of Rag & Bone by plastering these across every available surface in a guerrilla-style ad campaign. With photos this gorgeous, we wouldn’t mind having our own walls covered with them also.

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    Fairy Kei Style

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    Great style tips from the blog Lolita Charm and inspiration from our friends at  ElectricAlice who run a great blog and concept store in Australia dedicated to the wild energy of Japanese street fashion – here are some style notes to check out in conjunction with the latest  colection in Sunny Bunny Kloz.

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    On the streets, on the red carpet and siting front row at a fashion show, these celebrities look their best and never fail to impress us with their style. Icons like Kate Moss, Jessic Alba and Alexa Chung are all here to show you what a fabulous means!

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    Wow who would have thought Paris Hilton can still book a runway show?! She was on the catwalk at the Sao Paulo fashion week for the Triton show.  What do you think? Was she fierce or was her walk just one big fail? Vote!

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    Taylor Momsen was seen first in this green Alice+Olivia dress and she wore the rouched skirt high up on her waist with some edgy accessories while playing Jenny Humphry on Gossip Girl. "How I met your mother" star Cobie Smulders wore the same dress, but in a much more conservative, classic style recently as well. Who wins this fashion battle?!

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    Photo: Imaxtree A true fashionista knows how to pair the high and the low in fashion.  But it isn’t every day that someone takes it to the extreme—like a $15,000 couture dress with good old-fashioned blue jeans.  Naturally, Karl Lagerfeld seems to be one of those few people capable of pulling off such a feat.At Chanel’s spring 2011 couture show, the Kaiser showed the world that some of the best couples are the oddest ones, sending out models swathed in the predictable taffeta and tweed, with denim hiding coyly underneath.  The pants came in a wide range of colors, from rock-n-roll black to bubblegum pink—perfect for matching every outfit in your wardrobe (shop the look here!).  And just in case things weren’t unpredictable enough, some were worn with the sheerest of sheer minis, so transparent that jeans were probably not such a bad idea. In a meeting with the press, Mr. Lagerfeld cited Chanel’s modern clients, who often pair classic coats with cut-offs, for this haute twist: “It’s not like the old days anymore and couture has to be able to change and adapt.” Just in time too—with brands like Céline and D&G including jeans in their collections, the look is becoming a major trend for spring 2011 onward.

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    Despite all of the feminine, floaty, and floral options on the runway of late, many designers are offering us masculine outerwear for those days when we just want to be one of the boys. At Alexander McQueen’s pre-fall 2011 show, the models resembled little girls playing dress-up in their grandfathers’ coats. Inspired by the British military,  the bright red and blue garments featured comically long sleeves that completely hid the wearers’ delicate hands. Despite some seriously epic proportions and heavy fabrics like tartan wool, Stella McCartney’s countryside looks came across as slightly more ladylike. Still, the over-sized black and camel trenches were the size of the models themselves!
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    Ever have one of those days where you just don’t feel like styling your hair? Well we picked up this chic and exquisite bohemian style braid technique, and if you’re all about hands-on creativity you can pick up these styles in an instant. Stars like Lauren Conrad, Sienna Miller, and Kim Kardashian love these hip trendy braids! Here’s how you can glam up your hair like these beauties:

    1. If you have long hair and you hate when your bangs get in the way, part two sides of your hair with two loose braids on either side of a center part, then connecting the braids in the back. Like this:

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    One of the more theatrical trends for spring is the turban. Pulling inspiration from the screen sirens of the ’40s and ’50s, the hippie vibe of the ’70s, and the culture of the Middle East, the simple addition of a turban—as seen at Jason Wu, Milly, and Issa’s spring 2011 shows—instantly creates a trend-savvy, globe-trotting ensemble.

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    Milly, Imaxtree

    Issa, Imaxtree

    While we’ve seen plenty of inspiration from the runway, there haven’t been that many people wearing it on the street. Will you be wearing a turban this spring? If you dare to try the trend on for size (which we dutifully encourage), here are a few tips for wearing a turban with sass and flair: Use a large, square scarf with a great pattern or your favorite color.  A great place to look is at your local thrift store or even Good Will or Salvation Army (just be sure to wash it before covering your head in it), most of them have a bin of scarves priced at only a few dollars or less. Don’t don a costume to match your turban. Stay away from harem pants and Aladdin slippers—there’s no need to look like you walked off the set of Arabian Nights. Instead, keep it simple. A turban goes great with your favorite dress (think graduation parties, backyard BBQs, picnics…is it spring yet?) or even just jeans and a white tee. It’s a statement piece so let it shine. And accessorize with confidence. As with any fringe trend, when asked, “what are you wearing?!” A good reply is a grin and, “a turban, isn’t it wild?” For a great tutorial on how to tie your own turban from a large, square scarf, check out the blogger queen of turbans: The Glamorai.