Timeless Classics 2


Because there are so many essential wardrobe pieces, I will be doing Timeless Classics as a series. I loved hearing the suggestions of my readers which have been included in the second series.

-LBD. This stands for 'Little Black Dress,' another must-have piece for the wardrobe. This versatile piece is a  party garment every girl should own. Callie's Picks this month is all about LBDs.

- Denim Jacket. Embroidered, ripped or glittery - everyone should own a denim jacket as it is a must-have daytime wear. It looks good paired with a summery dress. This Victorian Jacket from Bisou is just 18 SD.

- White T-Shirt. This one is an abosolute must. Everyone should own a perfect white t-shirt for those comfy lazy days. They can be paired with jeans for a simple look, or you could style your white shirt with a pair of embellished pants for a party look.