Beauty Feature: JaneDoee83


Hello, dolls! 

With the festival season among us once again, the doll featured in today's post has a look that I think would be perfect for a festival, emulating the freedom associated with festivals such as Coachella. JaneDoee83, our latest Beauty Feature, uses a beautiful mix of jewellery and Stardesign Hair to achieve her look. 

Q: What are the influences and inspirations behind your beauty look? 
A: Influences on my beauty look have been designers with their beautiful designs. I find inspiration everywhere... in real life, on Stardoll and on the internet. 

Q: Are there any similarities between your real life self and your doll? 
A: My doll does not look like me, but there is always some similarity. 

Thank you to JaneDoee83 for letting us interview and feature her. As always, feel free to suggest any dolls (male or female) that have a really unique beauty look deserving of being featured. 

Lauren xox