Monthly Playlist / Q&A ft. lindaeileen!


Today I'm collab-ing with lindaeileen! On her blog (which you all should check out because she's super-talented) she has a series in which she shares her favorite songs of the last month. I loved that idea, so I reached out to her, and hence this collab was born! Enjoy! 


Lindaeileen's Playlist:

Ciao Adios by Anne-Marie
You're Such A by Hailee Steinfeld
Issues by Julia Michaels
Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindermann
Castle by Halsey


What's your personal favorite of them all and why?                                                                    Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindermann, because in my opinion it's a very feminist track. It really speaks for all girls and it's a message that needs to be heard by all, I think. 

- Which one can you relate to the most?                                                                                       Probably Ciao Adios. When it was released, I was going through a pretty ugly breakup with my ex-girlfriend and it gave me comfort. It captured all my emotions and feelings in 3 minutes, if that even makes sense.

Would you listen to these artists again if they released other music (if you haven't heard of them before)?                                                                                                                       Apart from Maggie Lindermann and Julia Michaels, I regularly listen to the other artists (especially Halsey). Julia is new to the music industry and I can't wait to hear her other stuff! Maggie had some songs that I listened to, and I really liked her stuff, too!

Be sure to check out the other half of our collab on lindaeileen's blog! :)