Playsuit Summer Outfit


Hey dolls! Beatrix here. 

As you know, playsuits are trending now! I loved Starblogger Isobel's fashion choice, but it was too expensive for some, unfortunately. So today I have a cute, cheaper alternative to her beautiful outfit! You will still have to spend some Stardollars, but not as many!


Summer Playsuit Outfit

Pretty n' Love Daisy Headband (38 SC)

Original Future Native Top (78 SC)

Killah Marak All In One (13 SD)

Fallen Angel Phoenix Necklace (54 SC)

It Girls Strappy Summer Espadrilles (110 SC)


Hair & Makeup 

For your makeup, keep simple, fresh, and fun! Using natural tones will draw more attention to the outfit, so try to stick to neutrals. 

For my hair, I am using a long hairstyle with bangs from Tress Up's new ombre line. I have dyed half of it blue for a fun twist! Long locks suit this look best.


Making it Your Own

 Use tattoos, piercings and hairdyes to make this outfit your own! I am wearing two tattoos from Ink'd at the moment. 


Have fun with this outfit and I hope you liked it! 


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