Cheap summer outfits


Hi dollies ! This one is my first posts even though I'm an old Starblogger, so I hope you'll like it!
This week I did two cheap summer outfits by combining some free/sc/sd items. Don't hesitate to reproduce them on your doll if you're running out of ideas.



Pretty 'n Love Julie chiffon blouse - 0 sc (You can win it by voting on The Vote)
Evil Panda Tiger print top - 5 sd
Evil Panda Purple plaid skirt - 87 sc
Voile Abalone clutch - 52 sc
Ink'D Rita Dove - 48 sc
Voile Baby pink heels - 59 sc


It Girls Blue grape jacket - 95 sc
Callie's Picks Mercury biker dress - 168 sc
Ramadan Long Skirt - 0 sd (Ramadhan Freebie, no longer available)
Voile Bach headband - 35 sc
Callies's Picks Sparkling bracelet - 64 sc
Stardesign fashion - 3 sd
~ AliceLiddellMad

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