3 easy tips to become Catwalk Queen!

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Hello Stardollians!


This post is all about how to win Catwalk. These tips come from personal experience and I think they will be very helpful.  Never give up on winning because you don't know when you just might find that gold shoe trophy in your suite! 




Tip 1- Be original!


Now, we all know that ten people, out of 190 million people get picked for Catwalk, so it doesn't give you a very big chance to get in to the top ten. People seem to vote for the ones who have something orginal in their outfit, like Stardesign hair or Stardesign jewellery. Your ideas should stand out from the crowd and be able to ctach peoples eyes.




Tip 2- Saving your medoll to Catwalk


When you save your doll in your album, your automatically entered in the Catwalk competition. Try saving your doll 5 times every time you click on your suite. This way, more people will see you and the more people that see, the more people that vote. 




Tip 3- Never give up 


If one outfit you've designed doesn't get in to the top ten on Catwalk, don't just give up on that outfit and make another, you can just simply try again the next day. Make sure you don't have an outfit on for too long though, otherwise it gets a little boring. If you've been on Catwalk with an outfit one day, don't expect to be on the Catwalk again the next day with that same outfit. Why? Because people will get bored of seeing your doll dressed in the same outfit. 




I hope these tips have been very helpful and useful and I hope to see some original and stunning outfits in the top ten!

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