A Special Song

9 kuukautta sitten

Hi Dollies!


Have you ever heard a song that is so ‘you’ that you are compelled to listen to it on repeat because how crazily accurate it is to you? Songs are magical in how they evoke an emotional response through poetry and music, especially when it is relevant to you. 


I was compelled to write this from an image I saw in a group post, asking for the special songs that other people love because often this says innumerable things about you. I’d like to invite you to share your special songs here on Stardoll as well. If it helps, I’ll start with mine.


I’ve had various favorite songs and artists throughout the years, but the one that’s stuck the most is "Ease"by Troye Sivan. Thinking long and hard about it, his collaboration with another of my beloved artists, Broods, brings new depth into the melody. You can find the chorus in my presentation but the very first verse and bridge is what relates to me the most.


My interpretation is of a young man who’s just grown out of home, he’s been phoned by his mother and we find out he’s all alone in the big world. The whimsical transition to surreal symbolism he uses really appeals to my imagination. I can’t help relating to life’s intimidation as I, myself am close to adulthood. At the moment, life beating me down is a thought that’s all too real, so hearing something that responds to this reality in a familiar, innocent manner is pleasantly calming. It relates to me, and then puts me at ease.


So, now that I have shared a piece of my heart, here is my request:


Give me One Song.


One song only, that means a lot to you. I will listen to it.


Then I will know you much better.


Take care,


♡ Joanne