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Featured: Met Gala 2018! Part 3

11 kuukautta sitten


Hey Dolls!

The Met Gala 2018 contest was a sucess! We got so many amazing dresses. As we have a limited number of winners, we wanted to feature other amazing creations.

Check out some of the most incredible Met Gala 2018 dresses. You were amazing on the red carpet!

Thanks to all the Dolls who participated and congratulations to the winner Dolls, who got some Stardollars and featured Dolls, you can see right here!

Doll: Juka610

Doll: jewelsPearl

Doll: MissMeryLu2000m

Doll: vouva3

Doll: lolitka1444

Doll: .PadmeAmidala.

Doll: 1990loveyou

Doll: arturostyle3

Doll: Lidiane.Nasc.

Doll: LillSkugga

Doll: martapijita299
Doll: 159357258456
Doll: zeynep19795

Doll: VivahPhoenix

Doll: derusemari0

Doll: SmileyJuliana

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