Introducing Me!

9 kuukautta sitten

Hello there! I just joined this amazing big Starblog family, I'm so excited!

I'm Oipy and I'm from Portugal.


I've been chosen to talk about one of my biggest interests - plants - yes, plants! Back when Stardoll released the latest 9to5 collection, I was so happy with the new plants, I immediately thanked them. Soon they added new plants to the LE collection and I was over the moon. Only to discover a few days later, a plant shop was created and I was so happy! Anyway, down at the Royalty Club, I explained a bit about each plant I bought, because I love sharing my interests and now I'm here to share them with a bigger audience and I couldn't be happier! 

I have been in love with plants since I can remember. When I was a kid, instead of begging my mother to go to Toys 'R' Us, I always asked her to go to the plant nursery with me and get a new plant. She once even said "You're like a kid lost in a toy store and you want to take everything." That was funny and true!

I've always felt a deep connection with plants. This might sound crazy, but I used to consider them like friends. I was a very lonely kid but happily that changed as I have amazing friends now. And now I consider my plants my babies! *giggles* I enjoy spending time reading as much as I can about them to take care of them the best way possible, and getting to know more is so exciting.

So, every week, I'll be writting a post about a plant at a time, but they have to be plants that Stardoll has designed, like the ones from the Giardini store. I'll be sharing background information about them, as well as trivia and care tips (for the real version of the plant, of course!) If you love plants and own some, feel free to share it, I'd love to read it.


I hope you enjoy my posts!