The Problems with Popularity

10 kuukautta sitten


When I was in middle school, I was considered one of the "popular" girls. When I had befriended this group of girls, it was a dream come true! But I soon learned that popularity is not what it seems, and today I am going to tell you my story.

When I started to become friends with them, I was with the semi-smart kids - a bunch of smart girls and girls who were okay. I loved my friends, but I was bored. There was no drama or boys, and at recess we just talked. My eyes wandered to the popular girls on the swings, the boys staring as they laughed. I was friends with three of the girls in the group. I decided to sit with them at lunch, at the popular table, and after a while, I was in the group.

My old friends had nothing to say. I just left them, a decision I still regret today.

The popular girls were nice. We talked. We told secrets. But eventually, I learned. There are levels. There would be the elites, the semi-populars, and finally, the regulars - the rejects of the group. This is where newbies are put, and I was there.

Of course, I was devastated, but perservered. I got to the middle group. But I was power-hungry, wanting to be an elite, and that's when they started to turn. The elites have control over all. Think of Regina George from Mean Girls; now make three of her. They were mean. They told lies about me to each other and the boys, called me annoying... I went back to the middle. Whenever I walked up to the elites, they'd say my name in a tone that said, "Go away. " I was lonely, but I still had friends. Once you're in the popular group, you're stuck.

Remember that popularity is not as it seems. It's no fun. If you want to be an elite, you may have to spread rumors and lies to stay there. My advice: be happy with your friends; don't ever desert them.