Music can Heal your Soul (part 1)

10 kuukautta sitten

The story of how music healed my soul - An Indian Soul Experience

The year 2010 was the coldest year of my life. I was 13 years old and was facing the troubles of any regular teenager you read about in the books, I hated my body, all my childhood friends were way too mature for me and I felt uncomfortable in their presence. Also I was teased and irritated by a lot of boys (including my crush), so yes, 8th grade was a disaster for me. I would hate going to school and all day long I used to wait for the clock to strike 2 pm so that I could rush home, rush back to my safe place to hide: my home. I would sit in front of my stereo from afternoon till night and would listen to the songs of Backstreet Boys. Their voices would touch my soul and their songs made me feel loved, made me feel wanted, needed in a weird world full of selfish people. 

Days grew into weeks and weeks into months. I had started out as a miserable person who would cry about petty little things because I had become so weak from all the peer pressure, and I came out as a strong young adult at the end of 2012. Yes, it took me time to get out of my depression, but the Backstreet Boys - their music, their songs -  gave me strength, strength to fight every day and hope that tomorrow will be better, and today I owe my strength to them.

to be continued...