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Routine: (noun) a sequence of actions regularly followed. Now we all know the topic of this blog we can get into the nitty-gritty details of getting into routines, staying in the routines, and breaking out of boring routines.

1. Getting into a routine! Once you've thought about your routine and made a plan (such as an order of which you go about earning coins on Stardoll) then make sure to write it down and stick it somewhere visible during the time you will go through with your routine. You could even set a reminder on your laptop, computer, tablet or phone to remind yourself!

2. Staying in a routine! If you are forgetful, like someone I may or may not know (don't tell anyone, but it's me), then you may need to keep those reminders and sticky notes handy. If you do miss a day or more then make sure to write more reminders - but remember, in the end, it's not that decremental and if all else fails, then ask someone else to be your reminder, whether they are internet friends and family or real life friends and family.

3. Breaking the chains of a boring routine. Make sure to add 3 new steps every time you feel an overwhelming sense of boredom and if there is nothing new, then see how fast you can complete your old routine or even just try complete it to your highest standard. This step is all about spontaneity, so be free and try something new - maybe some odd clothes, weird patterns and bright colors.

What's your daily routine?

- Snerfy