Going It Alone

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Many people find themselves becoming dependant on other people. It happen with a best friend, or a person they are in with a relationship with. I personally tend to become dependant on my current partner - which is actually unhealthy for the relationship! Here are some ways I am trying to beat this tendency and go it alone.

Understand Why Dependancy Is Unhealthy
The first step to going it alone and developing yourself as your own person is to understand how depending on others can hurt your relationships. If you rely so much on one person, that person can become very stressed and irritable. It can also cause you to become stressed and upset if anything changes - for example, if your best friend starts a new relationship and has to spread out their time more, you may feel betrayed, even though you understand that they have their own life outside of your friendship.

Hang Out With Other Friends
The next step is to start seeing your other friends - without the person you are dependant on! I have found this very hard personally, as I often get social anxiety when seeing friends one-on-one. Sticking at it has really helped my relationship, however, as it means I am expanding my social networks and have more things to talk about to my partner!

Find Your Own Hobbies
Try to find hobbies and passions that you don't share with the person you feel like you might be dependant on. It's okay to share some hobbies and passions too, but having your own can really help you have more to talk about. It can also help you develop your personality outside the relationship - and really come into your own!

What do you find helps you develop your own unique personality?