Staying Calm

30 kuukautta sitten

You've all had that feeling. The butterflies in your stomach feeling. Your heart beats faster and faster and you are getting less calm by the minute. All you want to do is get rid of all that stress, but how?

In this post, I'll be giving you advice on staying calm. Hopefully, these will help you.

1. Take a break. Focus on breathing deeply (in and out) until your heart-rate slows down. Notice that when you're upset your breathing seems to come from the top of your chest, or sometimes your throat.

2. Relax your muscles. Loosen tight clothing, and stay in a comfortable position.

3. Do a little exercise. Yoga and tai-chi are great exercises for when you're feeling down.

4. Ask yourself why you're not feeling as calm as you'd like to be? Think of the possible outcomes.

5. Picture the bad stuff. Imagine it slowly disappearing, getting smaller and smaller until it's gone.

5. Talk to someone. Usually letting out all your thoughts with a friendly face listening to you will make you much better than before.

If you're always feeling down, tell someone. Their help might be what you really need.

Remember: you'll be fine again.

What are your tips on staying calm?