Real Life Party Planning!

31 kuukautta sitten

Whether it's your birthday, you've just finished a big set of tests, or you just want to throw a party for the fun of it, it can be hard to figure out exactly what you want to do! Here are a few fun, simple, and super easy party ideas. Why not try them out?

Movie Night

One of my personal favourite types of party is a casual movie night with all your BFFs! Make sure you stock up on a mix of healthy snacks and treat food, with something available for those with special dietery requirements too. It can be easier to decide on the movies you'll watch beforehand, because otherwise choosing can take hours and cause arguments.

Picnic Lunch

When my friends and I were younger, we used to have lots of picnic lunches on the beach! It was really fun, and super easy to organise. You don't have to have a beach for a picnic lunch though - a park, or even a friend's backyard will do fine. Get everyone to bring a plate - it's most fun if you all make your dishes yourselves! Get an adult to help you bake cookies, put together a salad, or figure out another type of fun snack.

Fancy Dress

This type of party is just like a normal hang out, but everyone has to dress to a theme! You could have a pajama party, a superhero party, or a party where everyone has to dress up as something starting with the letter M! It's really up to you. Apart from the dress up rule, you could run the rest of the party however you like. Why not make dinner together (with an adult's supervision)?

Do you have any great real life party ideas?