Integrity: in or out?

42 kuukautta sitten

From several dictionaries we learn that integrity means honesty, purity, incorruptibility... and let's face it, nowadays it is not easy to find a person with all these qualities! That's why we should strive to become one!

The challenge is to remain true to ourselves without compromise, refusing to trample on our values or our personal beliefs to buy us a share of power or an illusion of notoriety.

Integrity, considered by many as an old fashion accessory incompatible with ambition, can on the contrary strengthen your determination. And we all know that determination can move mountains..



So here's a few tips to mantain your integrity:

1. Do your best to keep an open mind and accept constructive criticism, welcoming them as an excellent opportunity to improve yourself instead of considering them as a personal affront.
2. Don't give up to express your ideas, even when they are different from those of the majority.
3. Don't feed the gossip! Rumors are bad and come back as boomerang! If you do not know how to stop, before speaking you can ask yourself: "Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?"
4. Remain confidential about your personal sphere. You must be certain to not devalue your secrets revealing them here and there!
5. Remember that a relationship must be an added value!

What do you think? Integrity yes or not? Is it out of fashion?