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Just Like Living in Paradis

131 måneder siden


... Or Dressing Like Paradis And accessorizing Like Paradis Vanessa Paradis is the new face of MiuMiu. She has Johnny Depp and now ... very likely ... scads of Free Prada. Paradis was chosen by Miuccia Prada because she gives off a "powerful independence" and captures the "overlapping qualities of fragility and feminine strength." The new sportier campaign is in contrast with the spring campaign, in which Kirsten Dunst stars. My theory is Miucca has a thing for dental innovation in her women. Kirsten Dunst with her signature snaggle tooth and Vanessa Paradis with the bold vocal charm of her gap tooth smile. In French it's known as "les dents du bonheur" or the teeth of good luck. The French are right ... once again!












Here's the first image from the new campaign.

This Bird of Paradis can sing as well. Check out this beautiful video directed by ... wait for it .... Johnny Depp.


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