Callie Con - Your Experience (2)

5 måneder siden

Hey there!

Today I am back with another Callie Con-themed post and for this one, I decided to feature some of the best Superhero Outfits I have seen these days on Stardoll! So, let's start!



I chose this outfit, because of the amazing combination of black and red! These colors the doll has picked are fantastic, because they symbolize the power and strenght a superhero needs to fight evil! I was really impressed by all of the costumes, the imagination and effort, this costume needed to be created!




I loved this outfit because of the movie it's inspired from called "The Incredibles". I think she is trying to recreate "Elastigirl", one of the main characters of the movies, who, as some of you already know, is REALLY flexible! I really admire this outfit, not only because of the idea, but also because of the stunnig result! 


This outfit is so creative and I am sure that this doll needed so much time and effort to finish it! This costume is inspired by the series "DAREDEVIL" and I have to say that it looks really similar to the main caracter of the series! If you want to learn more about this doll and her outfit, stay tuned, because an interview is comming!



I really hope you guys like this post and got inspired and motivated to create your own superhero outfit! Who knows, maybe YOU will be the next one featured in my posts!


Enjoy Callie Con, 

StamyX! :)