Reality Check - The Good and The Bad - 2

5 måneder siden

Bonjour Dolls, 

Welcome to part 2!


The hardest part of being a StarBlogger is probably dealing with negativity that comes with anyone being able to comment. A few months back, there was this one doll who wouldn't leave my work alone. Whatever I wrote about, she would slam, publically shaming me. In that case, I spoke to her via Guestbook and she stopped. 

The easiest part is definitely maintaining and building friendships with other bloggers. I try to always read every post and comment because I know how much I love reading comments! I also love reading blogs of aspiring bloggers, and if you're looking for a larger audience and some tips, join Starblogging! We have weekly competitions and Cycle Three sign ups have just opened! Get your spot now!

Something I'd like to learn is how to make images smaller so I can put multiple in a row, or how to code for my presentation and posts! If you know how, let me know! 


Au revoir mes amis, 
Bisous! xo