15 måneder siden

Hello mates!


Now that 2017 is coming to an end, I know for sure, that most of us haven't completed our resolutions. Remember how in January we'd all say that we'd eat healthier, and excercise more? Some said they'd study more, and some others, that they'd visit their dear grandparents more often. But did any of us actually complete those resolutions?


I am making a list of what resolutions I had at the beggining of this year:


- I am going to eat healthier.
- I am going to start working more.
- I am going to visit more concerts of my favorite singer/s and loose up a little bit.
- I am going to spend less time on Stardoll.
- I am going to read more books.


While many of my wishes for 2017 I did actually complete, there's still some that I did not, and that's why I am giving myself, and you all, a task to do before 2018 approaches.
I want all of us to complete as many resolutions as possible in the month of December, and remember, use your time wisely. One months flies by!


What resolutions did you have for 2017? Did you complete any of them?


xo, Lia.