The Trend: Full Brows

15 måneder siden

 Hi dollies!


Today's trend is about those wonderful full brows we see all the time on Instagram.


A few months ago I did a post about the evolution of brows throughout the 20th Century. In the 2010's we have the 'full brow', or the 'insta brow'. I have naturally full (very messy) brows and I love that I can embrace them!


My doll currently wears Stardesign brows from Lidija-It and I love them!


If you are wanting to achieve natural looking, full brows, here are some tips:

- Match your eyebrow colour with your hairline, sometimes go a little lighter. (We don't want black eyebrows on blonde hair)

- Follow your eyebrows natural shape, it flatters your face more (No thick drawn on brows)

- Line the end corners and lightly the top and bottom of your brows, blend this in so it looks natural and you can't see the lines.

- Choose the right product for you! Some people like pencils, brushes, powder etc.

- If you choose the powder, use both colours (they're there for a reason)

- Go and watch video tutorials if you are struggling.


Do you like the full brow trend?


Starlight x