How to combat stress

16 måneder siden

Hi dollies!


As many of you know, I suffer from mental illnesses. At the moment I am taking my mock exams which is extremely stressful.


For those who are going through the same time as me, or just want some tips to reduce stress levels, here they are:


- Take deep breaths in and out slowly - simple and effective, many people find this relaxing and it does slow down the heart rate.

- Clench your fists tight and slowly release them - this one goes to my therapist who gave me this tip. It is quite relaxing.

- Name words from each letter from the alphabet - why not challenge yourself to a specific topic like fruit? This focuses your mind on things that aren't related to whatever you are stressed about.

- Invest in a colouring book - I own a little colouring book with intricate designs, as someone who is quite creative, it does calm you down.

- Listen to some calming music or your favourite music - I listen to my favourite music when I am revising to keep up my spirits and sometimes I burst into songs, but who cares?


These are only 5 tips that might help. Personally, I have found each of these very helpful but there might be something that helps you concentrate and de-stress more than this.


What do you find helps?


Starlight x

(If you think you have a mental illness, please don't be afraid to seek help. If talking in real life doesn't help, my message box is always there and I will always listen and try to help)